Nurturing a Healthy Workforce

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Web Portal

Web Portal

AccuTrack transmits live data to the Accutrack Web Portal for supervisors to view. They can see an overview of their workforce as to which workers may be most at risk from ergonomic injuries. They can also see more specific information, such as that pertaining to an individual warehouse worker.

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Mobile Notifications

AccuTrack’s Xamarin application can be used to view details about how to improve posture and receive notifications when the user might be doing something dangerous, such as overworking.

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Enterprise Solutions

AccuTrack offers large-scale solutions for companies hoping to improve ergonomic performance of their workforce. At the cost of pennies per day for each worker, AccuTrack is the most affordable solution on the market.


AccuTrack Sensor

AccuTrack devices use a custom-built flex sensor to track the user movement. This flex-sensor, in conjunction with the AccuTrack micro-controller record and transmit data over the mobile network.

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